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mcrcv - Receiver for news via multicast


mcrcv [-h]
mcrcv [-a r_acl_path] [-d level] [-g group] [-p nntp_port] [-s nntp_server] [-A a_acl_path] [-K keyring] [-O config_dir] [-U]


After startup mcrcv listens for group announcements from yawgmoth(8) . It then joins the appropriate multicast group and waits for articles. Re- ceived articles will then be fed to the nntp server; if this is not available and spool space is not tight, mcrcv will spool articles to disk so that they can be unspooled later on.

Options to mcrcv are:

-a r_acl_path
To limit the hosts from which you accept articles, you can set up an access control list. Only articles from hosts that appear in the list, which is read from the file r_acl_path, will be accepted; others will be silently thrown away. If no access control list is set up, then every article will be accepted.

-d level
Enable debug messages. Possible levels are:

General debugging of actions done.

Show if a news article or a message from yawgmoth(8) arrives.

Details about received messages and processing

-g group
Specifies that mcrcv should get articles from the specific group.

Display a short help message and exit then.

-p nntp_port
Normally mcrcv connects to the default nntp port (port 119), (can be changed in config.h). If in future versions the transfer and newsreader parts will be separated, then with this option you can specify a different nntp port that the articles will be sent to.

-s nntp_server
mcrcv normally connects to localhost for nntp connections. If you want to connect to another nntp server, then specify its name here.

-A a_acl_path
To limit the hosts from which you accept group announcements. Only announcements from hosts that appear in the list, which is read from the file a_acl_path will be accepted; others will be silently ignored. If no access control list is set up, then every announce- ment will be accepted.

-K keyring
All packets are, before sending them to the net, digitally signed with public key cryptography. Normally the file keyring in the LIB_DIR (see config.h) is used as keyring. Use this option to use

another keyring.

-O conf_dir
To specify a different directory, where the config file mcntp.conf can be found instead of the default.

When the nntp server, mcrcv is feeding to is not available, mcrcv can produce batches. When the symbol PATH_RNEWS is defined in the config file at compile time and this option is given, then mcrcv starts the appropriate programm which then feeds those articles to the nntp server. Note that on INN systems, it is usually no good idea to have more than one `rnews -U' job running at a time.


keyring This file is normally in the LIB_DIR and contains the collection of public keys of the possible senders.

See Also

mcxmit(8) , innd(8) , yawgmoth(8) , acl(3) , keygen(8) , mcntp(8) , mcntp(5) , mcntp.conf(5) , rctest(1)


The mcrcv command is part of the diploma thesis Transport of NetNews via IP-multicast.

Table of Contents

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