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rctest - tool to retrieve values from the config file


rctest [-h]
rctest [-v]
rctest [-d] [-g] [-D directory] section item


The rctest looks for the item item in the configuration section section and returns it on stdout. If the -g switch is given, then the item is also looked up in the global mcntp section. When the -d switch is giv- en, rctest gives some debugging output used to test the internal be- haviour of read_conf(3) . The -h switch displays a short help line and the program terminates afterwards. The -v switch displays the mcntp ver- sion and the program terminates afterwards. The -D switch allows to specify a directory to search for the config instead of the compile time default.


With the following items in mcntp.conf


you will see the following:

snert!234> ./rctest mcrcv checkpoint >> 200
snert!235> ./rctest -g mcrcv checkpoint >> 200
Searching in global section
>> 50
snert!236> ./rctest mcxmit checkpoint >> (null)
snert!237> ./rctest -g mcxmit checkpoint >> 50

See Also

mcntp.conf(5) , read_conf(3) , mcntp(8)


The rctest command appeared after the mcntp project moved to Sourceforge (http://mcntp.sourceforge.net/)


Heiko W.Rupp (hwr@pilhuhn.de)


None known yet Please report them at the appropriate tracker at the Sourceforge project page (http://sourceforge.net/projects/mcntp/)

Table of Contents

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