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MCNTP.CONFIG - Master Configuration for Multicast News Transport Protocol Software


The Configuration file mcntp.conf is a flat file. Its place in the file system is determined at compile time. Default is /etc/mcntp.conf. If you want a different location call configure with --with-mcntp-con- fig=/path/to/directory/where/mcntp.conf/is

The file consists of several lines in the following form:

section `:´ item `=´ value



The fields have the following meaning and types:

section: the section the value is in. This more or less cor- responds to the programs that are. There is a special section mcntp that is global to all tools (e.g. for defining the directory where further config files are).

item: an option within the section. Options with the same name can appear in more than one section. The item designates a key that an application can query.

value: the actual value of an option. All data here are strings. The application itself is responsible to convert them to other data formats

Lines that are empty or start with a hash mark (``#´´) are ignored.

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MCNTP is the diploma thesis Transport of NetNews via IP-multicast of the author. This manpage appeared after the project moved to SourceForge.

* Copyright (c) 2001 Heiko W.Rupp <hwr@pilhuhn.de> * See file COPYING for details on acceptable use


Heiko W.Rupp (hwr@pilhuhn.de)


None known yet. If you find any, then please report them via the respec- tive trackers at http://sourceforge.net/projects/mcntp/

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